fundraising consultants in wales

Welcome to my website. If you are a not-for-profit, charity or community group in South Wales looking for help with your fundraising, you have come to the right place.

Whether you need help to cover for sickness, maternity and paternity leave, holidays or extra help in a specific project then I can provide that extra as help a 'as needed' freelance basis.

As a certified bookkeeper with level 4 advanced bookkeeping and accountancy qualification I can help you produce financially sound and viable fundraising plans to submit to funders.  I specialise in the youth, performing arts and environmental sectors.  I prioritise small local groups over working for larger charities.

For many small groups taking on a freelance fundraiser is more cost-effective than employing a full-time employee and all the associated costs. With the going rate for a trust and grants fundraiser in a mid-sized charity now in excess of £35,000 a year plus the additional employer costs, using freelancers can be a very efficient use of the limited funds many small organisations have.


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Posted by Fundraisers Wales on Montag, 5. März 2018